Thursday, June 26, 2008


We are home!!! Marty got home Friday, June 13th. It was great!
There was a big welcome when he got home. Lanier Stevens was there
with a group singing "The Eyes of Texas" when Marty got out of the ambulance.
Marty is continuing to improve. He is still slow moving around, but at least he and Karey are home. Marty has all the tubes out and his incision is healing well. I haven't posted anything new because I was hoping he would be writing to you all. When he is up and around more, I am turning this over to him. Thank you again for your prayers. I am now referring to Marty as "Miracle on Madison Street" !!!! Love to you all!!! <><

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bethany, Calvin and I got home last night from San Diego.
We hated to leave Marty, Karey and Mom, but they
are doing great. I couldn't believe how far Marty has
come since I last saw him. He was sitting up and
talking when we saw him. He is getting up and walking
on a walker. They are all so ready to come home. We
thought they would be coming home Monday, but it
may be a little longer. Marty is complaining about the
food they are feeding him, so we know he is better.
The Lord has brought him so far. Thank you for
your prayers. That is what has healed him. We have
prayed specifically for each stumbling block and God
has been faithful to each and every prayer. Please
continue to pray for Karey and Mom. They are
hanging in there and really being strong. This has
been tough on them. They are being so strong. It
is amazing how they have held up. I told Marty how
everyone is praying for him. Bless you all!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Marty was moved to an acute care center yesterday.
It is called Promise and it has an affiliate in Houston.
The doctor wants his to stay there about 2 weeks.
He doesn't want Marty coming home until he can
walk on the airplane. I am so anxious to see them!
Bethany and I are flying out there June 2. I am hoping
that I will be there to help them get home. But,
we don't know how soon they will be coming to Texas.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Marty is doing great. He is walking a little bit on a walker.
He is sitting up and visiting a little. He has eaten Jell-o and
drinking tea. Everything is working well. Today they are going
to give him some milk. He has come so far and it is only because
of God's grace and your prayers. Thank you so much.

FYI: There will be a Bar-B-Que benefit on Saturday, May 24,
at the First Baptist Church Family Life Center in Madisonville.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Great news for MARTY today!!!! Everything is working!
All of his organs are functioning. Yea! The nurses are
trying to get him to sit up, but it makes him really dizzy.
Yesterday was 5 weeks since this has all started, and
he has been flat on his back for 4 weeks. But
God has been faithful to us and He is still in the
Miracle Business! Thanks again for being there for
us all!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Things are really looking up!!! They have taken the catheter out and
hopefully will start trying to get Marty up. The doctor has closed up part
of the wound and Marty continues to improve. Thank you all for your
prayers. That is what has healed him this far. Please continue to pray
for Marty, Karey and Barbara.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Marty had another surgery yesterday. The doctor said
the infection was much better. Praise the Lord for
more miracles! Each time the doctor goes in, there
seems to be better news. Marty still isn't sitting up,
or talking much, but each day seems to be an
improvement. Keep those prayers coming!! That is
what is getting him through this. Karey and Barbara
are hanging in there! They are tough cookies!!!
Please continue to pray for them, too.